Dynasty Emeralds


Dynasty Emeralds is a high-end jewelry Colombian brand that creates jewels with emeralds, diamonds and gold.

My Role
Sole UI/UX Designer
10 weeks
Adobe UX, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Miro, Paper & Pencil
Project Timeline

About the project

Dynasty Emeralds a high-end jewelry brand that creates jewels with emeralds, diamond and gold. They are focused in providing each customer with the right choice of high-end jewelry and excellent service. They are opening a store in Medellin, Colombia and they want to launch a full responsive online store.

The goal

The main goal is to create a responsive online jewelry store for easy shopping. This will provide customers with an opportunity to shop from any device, anytime.

Design Process

After undertstanding the brief I defined one user flow and designer low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes with the following testing. I incorporated the changes and created the final UX design. Then proceed with the UI design.

Quantitative Research

The reasearch was conducted using Google Forms, participants filled out a survery.

I focused in the the users challenges while shopping and the most enjoyable functionalities.   

These are the highlights of the insights I discovered when working through the questionnaire results and feedback.

The Users
User Flow

While creating a user flow, I took account both the needs of the business and the users.

Information Architecture
P&P Wireframes

I took some time to get my ideas on paper, this process helps me get into the design state of mind.

Usability Test
I conducted Usability Test to assess the learnability of new users interacting with the website for the first time. I easured if users understand the website and how to complete functions such as consultuing a price, checking a product description etc. Thanks to the Usability Test I was able to define and solve a few issues, such as the one shown on the right.
LoFi Wireframes

After card sketching, I started with low-fidelity wireframes. The wireframes will be tested by users to identify pain points and optimise the design.

HiFi Wireframes

 After creating our prototype from low-fidelity wireframes, and the results obtained with the usability test I started with the next set of design iterations.

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